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Treatment Options

In order to maintain our focus on joint preservation as a primary philosophy of our Newport Beach practice, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ralph Venuto offers a variety of noninvasive and minimally invasive treatments to help preserve, strengthen and protect the health of your joints, as well as promote healing in cases of strains, sprains or other injuries.

As one of the most recognizable names in California orthopedics, Dr. Venuto focuses on a preventative approach toward joint health. To learn more about how our joint preservation philosophy can help you heal without surgery, please don’t hesitate to send us an email today or call 949-759-3600.


Activity Modification

Patients who are used to being physically active may be advised to modify their running habits, type of sports they play or maybe take a brief respite from vigorous activities altogether in order to give joints a time to recuperate and heal.

Cortisone Treatment

Although cortisone is considered one of the most potent anti-inflammatories available today, and it undeniably relieves arthritic joint pain, these injections only treat the symptoms of arthritis rather than truly healing the joint. Repeated use of cortisone will actually accelerate degradation of the joint surface. Although Dr. Venuto does sometimes use cortisone injections at his practice, he does so only sparingly, and instead prefers to focus on treatments that heal and protect the joint from within.


A healthy knee produces a joint fluid that lubricates and nourishes the cartilage in order to preserve smooth joint movement. In an arthritic knee, chronic inflammation prevents sufficient fluid production. Viscosupplementation is the injection of a synthetic fluid that mimics the natural synovial fluid to ease joint movement. Delivered in a series of four injections, viscosupplementation is repeated every six months in order to maintain a normal environment to the knee. This treatment not only improves immediate arthritic symptoms like pain and inflammation, but also helps to slow down the progression of the disease itself. Viscosupplementation can be combined with PRP for more comprehensive results.

PRP Therapy

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is the process of taking a small sample of the patient’s blood, then separating out the white blood cells and nutrient-rich platelets with a centrifuge. This serum, saturated with growth factors, promotes faster healing and improved recovery in cases of pain, strain, inflammation and even following surgery. PRP can be combined with viscosupplementation for more comprehensive results.

Stem Cell Therapy

A new innovative, noninvasive procedure Dr. Venuto uses to restore and regenerate cartilage surface of the joints affected by arthritis. Stem Cells grow cartilage. Now for the first time, Dr. Venuto is able to not only protect arthritic joint surfaces, but restore and regenerate them as well.

Autologous Cartilage Cell Transplant

Cartilage does not heal itself, so incorporating additional treatments is essential for joint recovery and long-term preservation. During an autologous cartilage cell transplant, Dr. Venuto removes a sample of existing cartilage cells, then processes them for reinjection at the injury site, where they can form new cartilage.

Strength Training

The stronger the legs and core, the more improvement the patient will see in their knee pain. Building up strength in the muscles surrounding the knees helps alleviate the pressure that walking, running and more active pursuits place directly on the joint, as well as ensuring that body weight is distributed more evenly.


Depending on the specific needs of the patients, joint support supplements are often recommended for optimum health. Chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and calcium plus vitamin D may all be incorporated as a part of joint preservation, and each patient will receive a customized treatment plan according to their health needs.

Ultrasonic-Guided Medication Delivery

Using ultrasonic technology during medication injections ensures total accuracy when administering treatment.Ultrasonic-guided medication delivery provides internal visualization that allows for more effective injection placement, which also means improved patient comfort during the procedure.

Unloader Brace

An unstable knee wobbles from side to side as you walk, putting further strain on your joint. Wearing this custom-made brace shifts weight away from the affected joint as you walk, easing joint strain and helping to slow down the progression of arthritis.

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Pay Attention to Early Warning Signs…

At his orthopedic practice in Newport Beach serving Costa Mesa, Irvine, and all of Orange County, Dr. Venuto sees patients almost every day who are living with various orthopedic conditions of the knee or shoulder. Paying attention to early warning signs can
help lead to earlier treatment, which itself may minimize the pain and disability associated with your condition.

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