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Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally-invasive procedure often used to help more accurately diagnose and treat a number of joint conditions, diseases and injuries.

Dr Venuto was one of the first surgeons in the country to perform arthroscopic surgery, without adding trauma or scarring. He has performed thousands of shoulder arthroscopies during his years as a board-certified orthopedic and sports medicine expert specializing in the treatment of knee and shoulder disorders.

Arthroscopy has allowed Dr Venuto’s patients to experience, smaller incisions, quicker recovery of motions, faster healing and less pain following the treatment.

During arthroscopic shoulder surgery, Dr Venuto makes tiny incisions into which he inserts a small camera into the shoulder, the size of a pencil, called an arthroscope.

The arthroscope instrument allows Dr Venuto to view the shoulder joint from an external monitor where images are projected. Arthroscopy then allows him to diagnose, assess the extent of damage, and treat the shoulder condition; making repairs with use of other small instruments. The procedure will usually take an hour or less, depending on the diagnosis and repair that Dr Venuto may perform.

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At his practice serving Newport Beach and Irvine orthopedic patients, Dr. Venuto sees patients almost every day with a variety of shoulder injuries and disorders. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, now is the time to make an appointment. Call Dr. Venuto today at 949-759-3600 or send us an email to schedule your visit.

Some signs that you need medical attention:

  • Inability to move the shoulder joint freely and comfortably
  • Deformity or persistent swelling around the joint
  • Throbbing or other pain that lasts more than a few days
  • Fever, redness, warmth, or tenderness around the shoulder
  • Any other unusual symptoms or pain


Dr. Venuto’s recommended treatment will depend on your condition and symptoms. He focuses on finding the least invasive method to minimize pain and properly remedy the underlying cause.

Shoulder Arthroscopy: Through the use of a small camera and surgical instruments placed in tiny incisions near the shoulder, Dr. Venuto performs rotator cuff repair, labral repair and repair of recurrent dislocations. The arthroscopic technique allows him to visualize the inside of a joint while minimizing incisions to reduce recovery time and scarring.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): Used as an alternative to surgery or in conjunction with a surgical procedure, platelet rich plasma injections help the body heal itself faster. Platelets within the patient’s own blood containing growth factors are concentrated and re-injected into the shoulder, stimulating the production of new, healthy tissue in the area.

Stem Cell Therapy: A new innovative, noninvasive procedure Dr. Venuto uses to restore and regenerate cartilage surface of the joints affected by arthritis. Stem Cells grow cartilage. Now for the first time, Dr. Venuto is able to not only protect arthritic joint surfaces, but restore and regenerate them as well.

Physical Therapy: Often an essential component of successful treatment, physical therapy encourages full range of motion and helps Dr. Venuto’s patients gain strength.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication: NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications) are often prescribed to help manage shoulder pain stemming from arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis.

Cortisone Injections: These injections help to minimize inflammation in the joint. After injection, the cortisone will take a few days to take effect and its anti-inflammatory properties can last several months before re-injection is required.

Ice and Heat: Depending on the cause of your shoulder pain, Dr. Venuto may recommend ice or heat therapy. Ice is typically recommended for acute injuries, while heat will help chronic conditions by stimulating blood flow to the shoulder and loosening tissues.

Rest: Resting the shoulder allows acute inflammation to subside. However, complete immobilization is not recommended, as this can lead to added stiffness and reduced range of motion.

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At his orthopedic practice in Newport Beach serving Costa Mesa, Irvine, and all of Orange County, Dr. Venuto sees patients almost every day who are living with various orthopedic conditions of the knee or shoulder. Paying attention to early warning signs can help lead to earlier treatment, which itself may minimize the pain and disability associated with your condition.

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