Meet Ken Roycroft

Ken Roycroft

Integrative Healing Advisor

For over 25 years, Ken Roycroft has dedicated his life to researching the science of regenerative nutrition and how the right combination of nutrients, when combined with the correct rehabilitative exercise, can accelerate healing, recuperation, and slow down the overall aging process.

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Ken is a clinical exercise specialist and nutrition consultant who has spent his entire career helping others return to health in the areas of nutritional guidance, sport performance, exercise prescription, post-rehabilitation and corporate wellness. (more…)

Additionally, Ken has lectured internationally to audiences–large and small–on the subjects of healthy aging, optimal healing, rebalancing the body, corporate wellness and peak performance.

Whether you are recovering post-surgery, experiencing a decline in overall stability or living with an a chronic orthopedic condition, Ken is a master at returning even the most difficult client back to full function and optimal health. Programs offered also focus on proven lifestyle changes and habits necessary to ensure optimal healing and provides each client with the tools necessary to manage their condition, going forward.