Tired of Joint Pain? Learn More About Non-Invasive Stem Cell Therapy.

Dr. Venuto’s practice has a large focus on non-surgical alternative treatments, including stem cells to regenerate cartilage in knees and other arthritic joints, and to accelerate healing. He has been at the forefront of joint regenerative medicine; using cells that have the ability to restore cartilage where needed.

You may be a candidate for this popular alternative to joint replacement surgery if you have pain or discomfort when doing any of the following:

  • Climbing or descending stairs
  • Exercising, including walking your dog or dancing
  • Getting in and out of a car
  • Getting up from a chair
  • Doing the sports you love (Golf, tennis, bowling , skiing, or basketball)


About Stem Cell Therapy

  • Uses ‘Mesenchymal’ Cells instead of embryonic cells
  • Requires no surgery
  • Can relieve knee, shoulder and arthritis pain
  • Uses cells extracted from your own blood, tissue and bone marrow
  • In-office procedure takes less than 2 hours to perform
  • Reduces pain and inflammation while encouraging new growth of cartilage and tissues
  • Requires no down time: You walk out of the office the same day without crutches
  • No significant limitation of activity
  • Complies with FDA-approved guidelines
  • For more information visit http://www.drvenuto.com/stem-cell-treatment/


How it works

Stem cells provide an effective, non-invasive treatment option for patients who want an alternative for joint replacement surgery, or for those who have had an unsuccessful joint surgery outcome.

Stem cell therapy uses your body’s own healthy cells to repair damaged or diseased cells that lead to pain and inflammation. Stem cells are harvested from a patient’s own fatty tissue and bone marrow. They are then concentrated, and used in an adjunctive way to repair and encourage restoration of cartilage to diseased or damaged tissues. Platelet-Rich plasma (enriched platelet cells) is combined to provide growth factors and healing factors that assist with regenerating cartilage and a faster healing response.

The stem cell procedure is performed in-office and only requires a local anesthetic, with little to no discomfort. Following treatment, Dr. Venuto’s patients are able to walk on their own, climb stairs, and no crutches are needed following treatment. However, patients are asked to not have impact loading or torque in the weight-bearing joint for approximately 6-8 weeks. Additionally, there is no significant limitation of activity.


About Dr. Venuto 

Dr. Ralph Venuto is a premier orthopedics, sports and integrative medicine physician, and one of the leading experts in stem cell therapy [http://www.drvenuto.com/dr-venuto/ ].

Stem Cell Therapy is a regenerative treatment that has help so many living with joint pain get back to the life they love. To learn more view actual patient Trina’s testimonial [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjFhe9K8Hfs ]. She is now free from pain and able to physically do things she thought were no longer possible, without undergoing a more invasive knee joint replacement surgery.



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