Orthopedic Specialist Encourages Healthy Aging Plan: Keeping Knee and Shoulder Joints, Muscles and Ligaments Healthy For a Lifetime of Mobility

Having financial security in place for retirement is something we all try to achieve.  But with many of us working these days into our late 60’s and 70’s, what about ensuring that you’re healthy enough to enjoy it?

When retirement arrives, planning to stay active and in shape can be challenging for some people. Why? Because as we age, we are at an increased risk for injury and other orthopedic conditions.


Here are a few common reasons:

Loss of Muscle Mass/Weakness/Instability:

Losing muscle as we age is a common problem and can contribute to the body feeling weak, unstable or unbalanced when standing, sitting or walking.

Increased Risk of Falling:

Many inactive people can be at risk of injury due to their lack of stability. Even getting up from a chair can be extremely challenging when the body is weak and unstable. This instability can also lead to further inactivity due to a fear of falling.

Osteoarthritis: Mobility can decrease due to joints breaking down from osteoarthritis; in most cases resulting from normal wear and tear over the years. Discomfort from this condition can prevent you from doing daily tasks or keep you from enjoying a round of golf. More women than men develop osteoarthritis and some people may have an undiagnosed joint abnormality that makes them more vulnerable to this disease. Symptoms of osteoarthritis develop slowly and become noticeable when pain or soreness is felt during movement of joints, including when you’ve been inactive for a prolonged period and your joints have become stiff, especially in the morning.

What is Healthy Aging?

At any age, we can turn back the clock to keep bones, joints and muscles stronger and healthier while improving the body’s overall function and mobility. Education is key to understanding how to incorporate a simple plan, and using the guidance and tools necessary to manage your medical conditions and maintain good health. Healthy aging is making sure you keep your body at full function and optimal health, for years to come.

We want to encourage you to live your best life, without your body restricting you. Our focus is on the whole person, not just treating their pain. Other things must be considered when maintaining your body’s health for a lifetime of mobility. We educate and teach you how to stay motivated, become stronger and healthier than before. Some of the key factors to maintaining the best overall health that should be included in any Healthy Aging Plan include:

  1. Reducing Inflammation (responsible for many medical conditions and diseases)
  1. Strengthening the Immune System
  1. Being Smarter About Nutrients (to feed and nourish bones, joints, muscles/arteries)

We want you to become aware of your own health and daily habits. And we want to provide tips for maintaining or changing habits that can help keep people mobile and active.

Self-awareness is another key factor to help you identify problems related to your lack of mobility:


You should be aware of the following:

– Has your posture changed? Why?

– Are you feeling weak or unstable? Unbalanced?

– Have you become increasingly concerned about falling?

– Are you losing muscle mass and range of motion in upper and/or lower body?

– What action/activity have you done recently that may have contributed to your present condition/injury/pain?

– How long have you been experiencing discomfort?


A New Era in Orthopedic Medicine

Dr Ralph Venuto is a leading specialist in the treatment of knee and shoulder disorders including arthroscopy and ligament reconstruction. Although surgery may be a common approach to painful joints, Dr. Venuto knows all too well that invasive surgery–such as joint replacement–can result in a risk of infection, a lengthy recovery and long healing process.

His goal is also to educate people about the fact that surgery is not always the answer when it comes to addressing a number of orthopedic conditions or injuries. By staying current with the most advanced treatments and techniques, he is able to offer his patients alternatives to surgery and has successfully treated those suffering from a variety of orthopedic conditions with non-surgical treatments; resulting in significant reduction of pain and improved mobility.

Many conditions can be treated without surgery including painful osteoarthritis, sports injuries, tendonitis, as well as ligament and tendon tears. These non-surgical, state-of-the-art treatments have helped many of his patients return to work and play, while avoiding or postponing a more invasive surgery.

Dr. Venuto supports the idea of regenerative medicine and joint preservation before joint replacement; using innovative Biologics such as Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), as well as Viscosupplementation for preserving joint health.

He has also incorporated a unique approach to caring for his patients by providing Integrative Health services (Healthy Aging), which takes each individual patient’s condition, activity level, health and lifestyle into consideration before providing a long term program for them to follow and maintain. These integrative health services are designed for doctor and patient to team up and plan for the most optimal health long term.


About Dr. Venuto

Dr. Venuto is one of the top orthopaedic and sports medicine physicians in Orange County, California; and a lifelong sports enthusiast committed to the prevention and care of orthopaedic injuries, diseases and advanced techniques in orthopedic surgery and non surgical alternatives.

Dr. Venuto is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon. He received his M.D. from Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA, completed his general surgery internship and residency at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and completed his orthopedic residency at Columbia University in New York, NY.