Stem Cell Therapy and High Impact Sports

In the past, arthritis treatment always focused on mitigating the symptoms enough that the pain became at least manageable, if not entirely absent. Yet, no matter how much success was seen from nonsurgical procedures such as platelet rich plasma therapy, arthritic patients were still advised to avoid the high-impact sports like jogging or tennis. With the success of stem cell treatment, however, this too is changing.

Living Life on Your Terms with Arthritis

Living with a painful condition like arthritis necessitates certain adjustments in daily life, especially since the disease itself is unpredictable in terms of its ups and downs. In an effort to gain some predictability, many men and women begin limiting the more active pursuits they once loved, either through independent choice or as advised by their orthopedics physician.

This should come as no surprise. Until only very recently, treating arthritis only meant reducing the pain; there’s no cure for the condition. Doctors prescribed anti-inflammatory medications or administered corticosteroid shots. While these made the pain more bearable for many, prescriptions don’t address the underlying cause: inflammation due to cartilage degradation.

How Stem Cell Therapy Helps

Stem cell therapy does more than just ease the symptoms of arthritis; the treatment actually results in cartilage regeneration. Pain and inflammation are resolved at the source as joint health improves. This new era of treatment means a higher quality of life for patients without the typical limitations or disclaimers attached; patients with arthritis can return to their beloved solo morning jog again or get back on the tennis court with the help of stem cell therapy.