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Dr. Venuto is a leading specialist in the treatment of knee and shoulder disorders including arthroscopy and ligament reconstruction.

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Learn about Dr. Venuto's advanced approach to preserving and restoring joint health, helping patients to postpone or even prevent the need for common orthopedic surgery procedures.

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Technology is changing the face of orthopedic medicine, and Dr. Venuto is on the forefront. Here are just a few of the many advanced treatments Dr. Venuto offers:

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Welcome to the Orthopaedic Practice of

The following pages will educate you on the most common injuries and conditions treated by Dr. Ralph Venuto. Dr. Venuto specializes in sports medicine with a focus on the knee and shoulder. He is a pioneer in some of the most advanced techniques used today. In addition to years of experience, his knowledge and skills as a surgeon have enabled him to provide patients with the latest nonsurgical treatments, revolutionary advanced techniques and new hope for those suffering years with painful, limiting conditions. Dr. Venuto feels that surgery is not always the answer for many of his patients. He works with patients during a thorough, diagnostic evaluation to determine their degree of discomfort, and -- when appropriate -- offers effective alternatives before recommending surgical intervention. Learn more about conditions, treatments, non-surgical techniques, and the ground-breaking procedures that have improved the lives of thousands who made Dr. Venuto their specialist of choice.

The Orange County Lifestyle

It’s sunny most of the year so we have a passion for being outdoors to soak up everything Southern California has to offer. We try to stay healthy, work hard and play hard.So if and when injury occurs, we hate to delay getting back to doing what we love. Dr. Venuto makes it his passion to help patients achieve this goal.

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Dr. Ralph Venuto is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Newport Beach serving all of Orange County, California. He specializes in the care of conditions and injuries of the knee and shoulder joints, and also is a well-known sports medicine physician. Through the use of non-surgical techniques such as platelet-rich plasma therapy and stem cell therapy, he is helping patients recover quickly and return to the activities they love most.   Sitemap   Related Links

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